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Frank Wicher

Frank Wicher (Wicker) is a native of Germany,

yet as American as apple pie. 

He isn’t just another singer/songwriter,

he is as pure outlaw country as it gets.


Growing up in southern Michigan, Frank launched a regionally successful musical career in the wild Honky-Tonks

from Toledo to Detroit, all the way to central Pennsylvania.

Frank’s songwriting comes right from the heart of a man who has lived life on the edge and has survived to sing about it.

He has a philosophical outlook on life that he presents in his gusty, driving, outlaw tinged songs. Frank is blessed with the quintessential outlaw country voice and has an uncanny way of delivering that less-is-more sound that defines great outlaw country singers.

Equally talented on guitar and harmonica, he shows amazing discipline in remaining true to those simple roots.

His stage presence is down-to-earth and humorous, giving him a rapport with audiences only seasoned and genuine performers can achieve.

Frank has opened up for artists like David Allen Coe, Sawyer Brown, Montgomery Gentry, 38 Special, and has also played such notable Central Pennsylvania venues as the Bloomsburg Fair, Knoebles Amusement Resort, and many other local fairs and festivals.

He has most recently performed in Nashville at The Antique Archaeology stage featured on the popular History Channel TV show American Pickers, and Bobby’s Idle Hour, the only live venue on Nashville's legendary Music Row.

Frank performs solo and with The Frank Wicher Band, 

which he formed in 2009.

All songs are written and recorded by him.

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